Insurance Placement for the 21st Century

Insurance Placement
for the 21st Century.

Let's Make This Easy. 


We make insurance placement easy, efficient and error free.

We have a laser focus on a specific niche – the contract binding market – yet our platform is flexible enough to be utilized in several different configurations. Many underwriters use the VMGA platform as an in-house underwriting platform to not only manage their rating, underwriting rules, and document generation; but also to manage their capacity by tracking aggregates across a variety of exposure and premium attributes.  Other clients use the VMGA platform as a full trading platform to interact throughout the policy lifecycle with their counterparties (retailers or coverholders). The VMGA platform allows underwriters to set granular work flow rules so that work flow can be managed by allowing coverholders to work at various authority levels and only referring business the underwriter needs to view.



Platform benefits

  • Easy to get started: Our integration team are specialists in understanding your business needs and building a deployment plan that is simple, easy and quick.
  • Fully customizable to your workflow: Our platform is designed to incorporate your company’s particular and unique workflows, with customized authority and permission levels, and business rules.
  • Saves time and money: Our software is designed specifically to reduce the time and efforts required in insurance placement. We obsess over saving each and every keystroke.
  • We get it: We understand your business because we have been in your business. Our management team comes from the insurance industry, and our software platform is informed by years of insights gained from day to day insurance placement.


Why our customers choose us

  • Virtual MGA understands your business because we have been in your business. We will not be a burden to your organization by asking basic insurance questions. We will merely find out how you want it done.
  • We provide a low cost way to get your programs on line quickly. By putting your programs on line, you give your retailers the ability to self-service many of their needs, and simultaneously reduce the workload of your underwriters.
  • For clients transacting business with Lloyd’s, Virtual MGA has offices in both the US and London and has resources that understand both the US and UK sides of a transaction. This speeds up the usual time lag in getting answers to questions for transatlantic implementations.

Join Us in National Harbor.

WSIA Underwriting Summit

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Upcoming Events


WSIA Automation Conference

The WSIA Automation Conference is an excellent opportunity to network and discuss the future of the wholesale and specialty marketplace and we’re excited to be a part of the conversation! Join us in Orlando March 17-20! Reach out and schedule a meeting today!

WSIA Underwriting Summit

Part of what makes Virtual MGA unique is that we try to stay up to date on all aspects of the insurance industry, which helps us to add enhancements to make our platform versatile. This means it's important to stay in touch with clients and industry gatherings regarding underwriting and broking. Join us at the 2019 WSIA Underwriting Summit in National Harbor, Maryland February 24-27 and schedule a meeting to learn how VMGA can benefit your company!